An interesting activity of our Company is the production of GARDEN SAUNAS.


We produce them on the basis of a wooden frame construction, in the container dimension of 3m width and 6m length. The construction is completely installed and finished. The walls are isolated with mineral wool, the inside is finished with wood which we can impregnate and paint in any color. The sauna container has complete electrical equipment, an electric stove with the power of 9KW, lightening and (only on request) the installation of the water- sewer in case of ordering kitchen furniture, for a summer kitchen. The external finish of the SAUNA can be made of panels from finer- cement boards, wood or normal panels. The container can be built from a SAUNA and an open seating part or we can seperate one part into a garden room.

We deliver the garden sauna fully built. Curing and levelling the ground or making a concrete slab or paving stone is the only thing that has to be done at the location. The container will be carried out by a crane. We can also plan and arrange the delivery and unloading of your SAUNA. Container can be combined together, which leads to a bigger space.