On the basis of our wooden CONTAINERS, we offer you a residential version.


This container can be used as a free standing residential unit. The usage of mineral wool allows you to use such a building during the whole year. We equip residential containers comprehensively with electrical installations, plumbing and we also install TV and INTERNET. The container interiors are completely finished. We can use floors made of natural wood, ceramic tiles, wood- like floor panels or PCV. The walls can be mad of plasterboards, wood-like boards, natural plywood and other available wall coverings. We’ll also montage the kitchen furniture and we’ll make the bedrooms and guest rooms.

The delivered container will be ready for you to live in and nothing will be different from a traditionally built house. The only difference is the execution time of the container in relation to a traditional construction. We realise the container in 4 weeks and it is ready to live in after one day. Before placing the container the plumbing and electricity connections should be done. To achieve a bigger living space you can combine containers with each other. The division and finishing concepts are agreed individually. The containers can be used as additional guest rooms added to the house, holiday cottages, free standing apartment buildings, year round residential houses.